• SENFENG LEIMING fiber laser cutters cutting videos on Youtube

    Here is a table shows our fiber laser cutters cutting videos on Youtube. Welcome to have a look at.

  • Visit LEIMING LASER at China Canton Fair

    It is time to start planning your visit to the 125th China Canton Fair which will be held from 15-19, April, 2019 in Guangzhou, China. Welcome to visit LEIMING LASER at 1.1B19-20 at Guangzhou Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall.

  • Fiber laser cutting machine applied in automobile manufacturing

    As a highly concentrated high-tech industry, automobile manufacturing faces very severe market challenges – consumers are increasingly demanding, and individualized things are becoming more diverse.

  • The Arbor Day-Let’s plant trees

    The Chinese annual Arbor Day is coming, it is on March 12th. This special day began in 1979. On this day, people can plant many trees. Arbor Day in its various forms is now recognised in more than fifty countries. SENFENG LEIMING company also held a tree planting event.

  • When need to adjust the output power of the fiber laser cutter?

    With the increase of laser power, the applications of fiber laser cutter is gradually shifting to heavy industrial manufacturing. Generally speaking, the thickness and the speed of a fiber laser cutting machine can achieve is mainly depending on the machine laser power.

  • Here we are-MIDEST 2019

    Today is the first day of MIDEST 2019. This exhibition is held at EUREXPO Lyon in French, welcome to visit LEIMING booth No.6N42. We take our 2000W LM3015H3 full cover fiber laser cutting machine to this exhibition this time. This machine has exchange table to save time for feeding and laying off.

  • A sharp tool for carbon steel processing-fiber laser cutting machine

    As we all know, carbon steel is a usual metal materials that widely used in many industries. Carbon steel contains carbon which is not strongly reflected by light and has good beam absorption.

  • How to slow down the aging of fiber laser cutting machine

    Any equipment will be aging after long-time use, laser cutting machines are no exception. We should take some measures to slow down the aging of fiber laser cutting machine. Fiber laser generator is the most easily aging parts, regular maintenance of its external light path is required.