The structure of fiber laser cutter machine

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Fiber laser cutter machine is a large equipment which used to cut thin metal materials, it is mainly composed of seven parts. The  main structure of fiber laser cutter are as follows. 

1、Fiber laser generator. It is an important part of whole machine and mainly to provide  laser light source energy. 

2、Machine bed. Its function is to control numerical control machining. 

3、Water chiller. To cool laser generator and exchange heat. 

4、Voltage regulator. To provide stabilized voltage power. 

5、Dryer. To filter the oil and water in the air to keep the air dry.

6、Air compressor. To provide compressed air. 

7、Industrial circulating water chiller. To cool the lens on the machine. 

8、Exhaust fan. Pumping dust and waste generated when cutting.

These are the most important seven parts of fiber laser cutting machine. LEIMING LASER is a professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, our machine have stable performance and high cutting speed. To know more details about fiber laser cutting machine, just contact LEIMING LASER soon.






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