The safety protection measures of fiber laser cutter

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As a high power laser equipment, when working, fiber laser cutter usually have radiation to customers. It is important to take some safety protection measures to protect people. The safety protection measures of fiber laser cutter are as follows.

1. The laser generator is marked with a sign indicating that there is a laser output, to prevent laser do harm to body. 

2. The enclosure of laser generator are grounded, to avoid leakage current.

3. To provide proper laser protective glasses to the operator, the protective glasses must be worn through the operation. 

4. Before operating the equipment, it is necessary to check if the protection equipment is wore out.

5. When the fiber laser cutting machine is working, it is not allowed to look directly at the laser head.

6. With emergency stop switch, you can immediately stop the laser generator when in emergency circumstances.

7. The transmission fiber is protected by a protective cover which made by special materials to prevent laser leakage.

8. If the laser break lead to laser leakage, the laser leak sensor can monitor the laser leakage, transmit the signal to the control center immediately. Then stop the laser device out of light and alarm by the control center.

When we use fiber laser cutting machine to cut thin metal materials, it is necessary for us to remember these safety protection measures. Fiber laser equipment are specially for processing thin metal sheet with high performance. LEIMING LASER has been engaged in manufacturing laser cutting machine for 15 years. If you want to know more details about our machine, do not hesitate to contact us, welcome to visit our website.






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