The notes of using fiber laser cutter water chiller

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The water chiller is the important part of fiber laser cutter. It enables that the fiber laser cutter can work normally at a constant temperature. Here are some notes of using fiber laser cutter water chiller.

1. Make sure the power outlet is in good contact, the ground wire is reliably grounded.

2. Please ensure that the working voltage of the water chiller is stable and normal.

3. Mismatch of power supply frequency will lead to water chiller damaged.

4. To protect the circulating water chiller, it is strictly prohibited to run without water. Please make sure the water tank is filled with water and then turned on the power, otherwise, the water chiller is very vulnerable to be damaged.

5. Please ensure that the air inlet and outlet channels into the chiller are smooth.

6. The filter screen of the air inlet must be cleaned regularly. If the dust screen is blocked seriously, the water chiller will be broken down.

7. Please pay attention to the effect of condensed water. When it occurs condensate water, it is suggested to raising water temperature.

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These are the notes of using fiber laser cutter water chiller. Customers should pay attention to these notes. For more details of our fiber laser cutter, feel free to contact LEIMING LASER.





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