The maintenance measures of fiber laser cutter focus lenses

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The focus lenses are the important parts of fiber laser cutting machine. Its cleanliness will affect the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine directly. So it is necessary to maintain the focus lenses regularly, which can not only improve the performance of the equipment, but also reduce the replacement times and save the cost.

The correct maintenance process of fiber laser cutter focus lenses are as follows.

First, take out the focus lenses from the frame, lossen fastening screw, remove the nozzle and focusing barrel in turn. Blow the dust off the lens surface with a balloon.

Second, using laboratory grade soft paper cotton ball, dip in an amount of acetone, wipe lenses from the center to the edge. If necessary, both sides of the lenses need to be cleaned. Be careful when scrubbing.

Install the lenses column and the nozzle, adjust the focal length and tighten the fastening screw, be sure to keep the convex surface down when installing the focusing mirror.

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These are the maintenance measures of fiber laser cutter focus lenses, to know more details about our machine, feel free to contact us.






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