The application of sheet metal laser cutter in shipbuilding industry

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With time elapsing, laser technology is developing rapidly. In recent years, laser power has been continuously improved. Therefore sheet metal laser cutter is widely used in heavy industry manufacturing. During the shipbuilding process, new technologies such as laser cutting, cleaning and welding are replacing the old technologies gradually, which have caused great influence on the whole shipbuilding industry. Many developed western countries have massively adopted laser processing technology for this industry.


At present, the cutting methods of hull plate parts mainly include flame cutting, plasma cutting, shear machining and laser cutting in the shipbuilding industry. Compared with laser cutting, other cutting methods have disadvantages in many aspects. For example, flame cutting and plasma cutting can lead to wide cutting seam, poor cutting accuracy, which are easy to produce harmful gases and cause serious pollution to the environment. However, by laser cutting, the hull steel seam quality is very good, the cutting surface has good verticality which can be welded directly. Meanwhile, the thermal deformation is small and can realize barrier-free cutting.

In addition, sheet metal laser cutting machine is well applied in the reform of sheet cutting method, which greatly improves processing efficiency and reduces the waste of labor and material. Laser cutting machine will be widely and deeply used in the shipbuilding industry. If you want to get more application details of fiber laser cutter, just leave messages to us.






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