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When we want to buy something,price is an important factor to consider.So today i am to share some information about the price of fiber laser cut machine , because so many visitor asked it.

Frankly speaking, we can not quote you the price if you visited our website for the first time.Why?Because we must be responsible for the quotation before not knowing your detailed demand for our fiber laser cutter,and LEIMING has manufactured several models machine with different fiber power each .So our on-line service will ask you some simple questions. For example:

  • what materials do you want to cut ?(to check if our machine can do )

  • what's the size and thickness?(to be clear what fiber power you need and the working size)

  • what's your company name?( to know your need more clears)

  • what's your contacts?(to send u information and chat in time)

After these questions, we can know which model to be recommend to you and talk about the price and further details.After know the price, you can compare with the quotation given by our competitors.We have faith in our machine quality and the good price,all price is factory price including the service .Other information please send e-mail to or add whatsapp: +8615165021590 ,





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