How to remove the galvanometer of fiber laser marker

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When fiber laser marking machine working for a long time, there may be problems that it can not mark correctly. The reason is that the galvanometer have problems. Then we should remove the galvanometer and send to designated maintenance office to do maintenance. Today, LEIMING LASER will teach you how to remove the galvanometer of fiber laser marker.

1. Under the circumstance of power off completely, disconnecting the incoming power cord connector of the marking head.

2. Removing the field lens, during the operation, no objects such as fingers can collide with the field lens, especially the lens.

3. Using hardware tools, unscrew the marking head carfully.

4. Unplug all wires, such as power supply lines, signal wires, motors to the drive board's line.

5. Remove the driver board and pack it, then remove the Y motor and the X motor, and pay attention to packing it. Then the task of removing the galvanometer is finished. You can send it to a place where it can be repaired.

fiber laser marker

These are the steps to remove a fiber laser marker galvanometer. It is very useful to customers. To get more useful knowledges about our fiber laser marking machine, feel free to contact us.

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