How to prolong fiber laser cutting machine lifetime

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Fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of international development cutting equipment. Prolong fiber laser cutting machine lifetime is important to customers. Today, LEIMING LASER will tell you some measures to prolong fiber laser cutter aging.

First, in terms of laser selection and maintenance, laser quality directly affect the whole performance of the fiber laser cutting machine. So choose a stable performance laser source can prolong aging of fiber laser cutter.

Then, fiber laser cutting equipment have certain requirements for the temperature of the studio. Too high or too low temperature can cause damage to the machine. The key factors to delay aging is to control the working environment in a suitable temperature. 

In addition, metal laser cutting machine in the operation will produce a lot of metal dust, timely cleaning will ensure the accuracy of cutting, thus delaying the aging. Fiber laser cutting machines need regular maintenance to prolong aging. For more knowledge about how to maintenance fiber laser cutting machine, just contact LEIMING LASER as soon as possible.






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