How to judge the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine

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The cutting quality of fiber laser cutter machine is a matter of concern to the customers. If you want to cut a satisfactory sample, you need to use the fiber laser cutter scientifically.

The following three points will show us how to judge the quality of cutting and learn how to make a high-quality cutting with fiber laser cutter.

1. Smooth cutting edge without brittle rupture and cutting pattern. The cutting pattern can be eliminated by reducing the cutting speed slightly at the end of the cutting processing.

2.Cutting slit width. This factor is related to the thickness of the cutting plate and the size of the cutting nozzle. In general, when the cutting plate is narrow, the nozzle should be small. Similarly, if cut with a thick plate, the nozzle should be large. The cutting seam will also be widened accordingly. Therefore, find an appropriate type of nozzle, can help customers to cut with good result.

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3.With a good verticality. When the laser beam is far away from the focus, the laser beam will have diverged. The more perpendicular the edge, the higher the cutting quality.

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