How to install the galvanometer of fiber laser marker

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Yesterday, we learned about the steps to remove the galvanometer of fiber laser marker, today, lets talk about how to install it.

First, install the Y motor and X motor, make sure they don't collide at any Angle.

Second, install two drive boards.

After connecting all the wires, debuging the angle and depth of the galvanometer motor to ensure that the final laser output center is field lens’ center.

Then, clean up the wires, close all the covers on the box.

Last, connect the external wirs and restart the fiber laser market. At this point, the task of installing the galvanometer is finished.

fiber laser marker

These are the steps to install a fiber laser marker galvanometer. It is very useful to customers. To get more useful maintenance measures about our fiber laser marking machine, feel free to contact us.

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