How to install fiber laser of metal laser cutting machine

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Fiber laser is the most important part on metal laser cutting machine, so we have to install it carefully. Here are some steps for the installation of fiber laser.

fiber laser cutting machine

1. The fiber laser must be placed vertically.

2. The requirements of fiber laser working environment are as follows.

The temperature ranges from 5 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius,

humidity is below 95%.

3. Be sure no vibration near the laser region.

4. In order to ensure the stability of the beam quality, the relative movement of the laser generator and the optical path should be minimized.

5. Only forklift trucks can be used to transport the fiber laser.

6. Placing the fiber laser on the laser holder, adjusting the height of the fiber laser by adjusting pad iron. Checking whether the output of the laser is consistent with the center of the first mirror base. At the same time, the fiber laser should be placed horizontally. After adjustment, lock the adjusting nut.

These are the steps of how to install fiber laser of metal laser cutters. It is also important for us to take some maintenance measures for our machine regularly. To get more information about our machine, just contact us as soon as possible.






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