High efficient cleaning solution-200W fiber laser cleaning machine

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Last week, our sales manager Sophie sold a 200W fiber laser cleaning machine to our Peru customer. This is the first set laser cleaning machine that we sold. Our customer is doing metal fabrication work who uses our machine to do metal surface treatment work. Nowadays, fiber laser cleaner is widely used in many industries such as mold surface treatment, automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, etc.

fiber laser cleaning machine

The 200W high-power pulsed fiber laser is equipped with a special laser cleaning head. By controlling the cleaning head at different frequencies and scanning speeds, it can do accurate and efficient cleaning.

Here are the characteristics of a 200W high-power fiber laser.

1. Integrated laser design, the electro-optic  conversion efficiency is up to 30%;

2. The enclosed monolithic structure guarantees its excellent pulse power and energy stability, while at the same time, it optimizes the beam quality;

3. High uniformity of beam, good processing effect and easy to maintain.

For now, laser cleaning machine is widely used in many industries, including wheel cleaning, mold degreasing, high-speed rail derusting and gear decontamination.

In laser cleaning applications, LEIMING LASER has mature technology and rich application experience and we can provide more accurate products and solutions for customers with different demands. We welcome you to e-mail us for more details about our fiber laser cleaning machine.






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