Global Launch Conference of SENFENG LEIMING Laser“Fengyun”System

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Last month, we attended the 20th Lijia International Machine Tool Exhibition in Chongqing, China. At the exhibition, we held a global launch conference of SENFENG LEIMING Fengyun System. It is a SCADA system which is specially developed for fiber laser cutting machine.

The “Fengyun System” is an organic combination of laser equipment and industrial technology. It can realize the function of product positioning, track query, remote fault diagnosis, equipment fault history query.

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The “Fengyun System” has below functions.

1. It is an effective measure to launch after-sales service.

It can diagnose faults in a timely and accurate manner. Therefore, it will save after-sales cost effectively through the method of targeted fault removing. 

2. It is an effective means of marketing.

Salesman can use mobile phones, tablets, etc., wherever they are, to show customers how their devices are actually working. 

3. Providing proactive services, increasing the adhesion with customers.

Customers can monitor and manage their own equipment in the workshop through personal PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

At present, "Fengyun System" can meet the basic needs of customers. With the help of “5G Technology” and artificial intelligence, it will be widely used in cloud computing, big data and other fields.

If you want to know more information about the "Fengyun System",welcome to contact us. What's more, we are also very glad to provide you more details about our fiber laser cutting machine.






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