Fiber laser cutting machine apply in mold industry

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In recent years, the mold industry has developed rapidly. Instead of the traditional processing methods which are far from being able to meet the current requirement, the advanced fiber laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in mold processing industry.

fiber laser cutter

The role of laser cutting technology in the trial stage of the mold is to replace the trimming punching die and blanking die, so that the trial manufacturers do not need to develop mold tooling for blanking and trimming punching, using laser cutting machine to provide rapid molded parts. With the advent of laser cutting machine, formal processing way of molds such as blanking, trimming and punching  have been replaced timely and the cost of mold development have been effectively saved.  

Fiber laser cutting machine has high precision and high cutting speed, it is widely used in many industries. Its application greatly improves the processing efficiency of mold industry. For more details about our machine, feel free to contact us.






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