Fiber laser cutting machine applied in automobile manufacturing

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As a highly concentrated high-tech industry, automobile manufacturing faces very severe market challenges – consumers are increasingly demanding, and individualized things are becoming more diverse. Fiber laser cutting machine, as the most advanced productivity nowadays, has been widely used in more than 60% production and processing of auto parts. Today we will talk about the fiber laser cutter applied in automobile manufacturing.

fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting is performed by using a high-energy laser beam to illuminate the surface of the workpieces, so that the irradiated area is partially melted, thereby achieving the cutting purpose. Many corners of the automotive industry, for example, car doors, exhaust pipes, etc., after molding, their redundant corners or burrs need to be deal with. These can be processed in batches quickly by using a robotic fiber laser cutting machine. The development of laser technology has become a comprehensive science today, laser processing is organically combined with computer hardware and software technology. Using CAD and other related technologies, you can break through the traditional design and manufacturing model, which can greatly change the face of the automobile manufacturing industry.

Laser technology is the basis of intelligent manufacturing in the automobile manufacturing industry, and it is the realization of intelligent manufacturing and digital factory. Nowadays, fiber laser cutter can be applied in many industries. We are professional fiber laser cutter manufacturer, to know more details about our machine, feel free to contact us.







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