Application of fiber metal laser cutting machine in furniture industry

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In daily life, metal furniture can be seen everywhere. They often attract people by various shapes, especially the young.

So what kind of machine process the metal material of furniture? Usually, it is inseparable from the participation of fiber laser cutting machine.

In this era of pursuing individuality, fiber laser cutting machine can cut different patterns on metal plates and pipes, thereby diversify the products. Besides, high cutting accuracy is one of the most important reasons that people choose it. At the same time, smooth cutting edge and good cutting effect can also meet the demand.

The application of fiber metal laser cutting machine.

The cutting of hollow table

fiber metal laser cutting machine

The high-precision cutting of metal screen

fiber laser cutter

The cutting of metal bookrack

fiber metal laser cutting machine

LM3015AM is the fiber laser cutter that can satisfy the demand of cutting metal sheet and tube. Its exchange platform save the loading time. Moreover, there are different sizes of working area, such as 3000*1500mm, 4000*2000mm, and etc.

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