Application of Laser Cleaning Machine in Rail Traffic

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The application of laser processing technology in rail traffic manufacturing, in addition to welding, cutting, marking, drilling, laser cleaning has also become a popular application in recent years.

Laser cleaning is the process by which contaminants, debris or impurities are removed from the surface of a material by using laser irradiation. This is a low-cost and environmentally-friendly laser application technique, which is in widespread use throughout global industry. It has very important application prospects in the rail traffic industry including wheel set cleaning, mould decreasing, rotor blade rust removal, gear decreasing and so on.


LEIMING LASER has fiber laser cleaning machine from 150W to 300W, with our unique technology we can be precise with high speed cleaning on the surface of the metal. Our fiber laser cleaning machine can also be applied to automatic and robotic systems.

As an important manufacturing technology method in the rail manufacturing industry, laser processing and manufacturing technology has attracted much attention. Facing the lightweight and high speed trend of rail traffic construction, LEIMING LASER will continue to provide more accurate and more effective solutions for this industry. To learn more about the application of fiber laser cleaning machine, just contact LEIMING LASER as soon as possible.






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