Advantages of metal sheet fibre laser cutter

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Sheet metal is one of the most important forms used in metalworking and it can be cut and bent into a variety of shapes. The application of fibre laser cutter greatly improves the efficiency of sheet metal forming, in general, sheet metal forming need go through a lot of processes: cutting, blanking and bending forming. Cutting metal sheet as one of the most important process,the cutting efficiency and precision play a very important role.

There are three types of traditional metal sheet cutting methods: cutting bed cutting,laser cutting and punching cutting,here are the following advantages of fibre laser cutting machine in cutting metal sheet.

1.The first is the shearing cutting, the so-called shear cutting is the use of shear cut out the shape of the expansion figure length and width dimensions.

2.Laser cutting is by use of laser cutting machine,cutting a shape in a piece of iron plate .

3.Punching is performed by placing the sheet of metal stock between a punch and a die mounted in a press. The punch and die are made of hardened steel and are the same shape. 

Fiber metal sheet laser cutting machine use the high heat of laser melt plate material, through the CNC control to form a kerf,achieving the purpose of cutting. The benefits of laser cutting is simple, high precision, fast cutting, high efficiency. In addition, not limited by the cutting pattern restrictions, automatic layout to save material, cutting  edge smooth, low processing cost,  the sheet metal laser cutting machine will gradually improve or replace the traditional cutting and cutting equipment.





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