A sharp tool for carbon steel processing-fiber laser cutting machine

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As we all know, carbon steel is a usual metal materials that widely used in many industries. Carbon steel contains carbon which is not strongly reflected by light and has good beam absorption. There are many equipment can process carbon steel, such as plasma cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, etc. Compared with other equipment, fiber laser cutting machine has higher cutting effectand widely used in carbon steel processing industries. 

fiber laser cutting machine

The traditional processing way of carbon steel is complex and the processing equipment is not advanced enough, these will lead to cracks and lamination. The fiber laser cutting machine solves this problem, it have high precision and the cutting surface is very smooth. Now the machine laser power getting higher and higher. It can up to 12000W, and can cut 40mm carbon steel, it also can cut thinmetal sheet with minimum cutting thickness of 0.4mm. 

In conclusion, fiber laser cutter is a suitable choice for carbon steel processing. It has many advantages. Using high-rigidity machine bed, cast aluminum beam, through high temperature tempering and other processes to ensure machine have high stability and high cutting accuracy. This machine also can cut other metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, etc. To learn more applications about fiber laser cutting machine, just contact us as soon as possible.






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